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September 9, 2007
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I'm done! Drag and drop clothing, hairstyles, eye colors, and much more! Click on her skin to change her skin color. Enjoy and have fun!

SHOW ME WHAT YOU COME UP WITH! I would really like to see!
Printscreen and paste into a program such as MSPaint and crop your dressedup`d girl (:. Then upload onto dA's scraps and comment with its link!

If you like it, :+fav: it & perhaps comment please?!

Change Log:
09/28/07: Added hair at default to hide baldness xP

Techy stuff:
-The music on/off button is scripted wrong, I basically cheated using movieclips and buttons and 2 very simple codes.
-The skin color changing was also a cheat I came up with using just movieclips and buttons.
-The base was made using the line tool and then curving them.
-The hair and everything else was drawn freehand using the brush tool tracing over my original base. (except the stockings which were taken from the base itself)
-Things were drawn usually zoomed in 200%.
-The hair bangs have a semi-transparent coloring for over the face/eyes.
-I used gradients to color only the hair and eyes, and few other items.

________If anyone's interested, I could make a tutorial of
________how I cheated creating that on & off music button
________as well as skin color changing. Let me know!

Started on September 1, 2007 @ 11:00pm
Finished on September 9, 2007 @ 5:50pm

Clothing, hair, and etc. were inspired by many different dress up games as well as Gaiaonline [link]
This game & drawings (C) xoxojulie [link]
Music by Enrique Plazaola [link]
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odd censored.....
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That's what I did.
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i made a salior moon one!SASUSAKU
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whats the code you used? In the action script.
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